About Us

As a small family run business we try to offer something a little different , for people who want to break away from the tired, mass produced  styles found in every high street store.

We offer a range of body jewellery for the more committed individuals, but for the squeamish we have a range of fake-it jewellery which would successfully scare the b'jesus outta Granny.

Fans of Anime,Cult TV shows,Video Games and Movies are in for a treat with our ever expanding 'Inspired By' range. Jewellery inspired by cult shows from DrWho,Vampire Diaries & Supernatural to big blockbuster movies like The Lord of the Rings,The Hobbit & Harry Potter.

And for those who just want to mix it up a bit our range of hand-made kitsch and retro designs are perfect for making bold statements.

We're always open for suggestions so if you can't find something to suit your style then just drop us a line and we'll try to add your suggestions to our range.

You can also shop in person at our Stall on Bury Market.

Niche Invasion
Stalls 13 & 19
Wyndham Block
Bury Market